The name “Wanderus” is a combination of two words – “Wander” and “Us”. The “Wander” part of the name embodies our spirit of adventure and collaboration, while the transformation of the “o” in “wonder” to an “a” represents our approach of keeping our thoughts grounded in reality. We encourage thinking and creativity, but always ensure that the goals we set are smart and achievable.


Our Aim:

Ourselves into your brand to create the extraordinary

Your brand to be broadcasted to a wider audience

By encouraging conversations and ultimately brand association

Our Services

Web Development

UX/ UI Design


Create/ Improve Identity


Content Strategizing 


Campaign Discussion


Site UX/ UI Auditing

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Search Engine Optimisation

Onsite Optimisation


Offsite Optimisation


Technical Optimisatiton


Campaign Discussions


Site Auditing

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Branding Solutions

Team Brainstorm Session


Logo Audit


Identify Target Audiences


Collaterals Designing


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To ensure the potential for success of the managed campaigns are maximised, Wanderus limit for clientele served each timeframe. In layman terms, while stocks last! This ensures attention to detail is practiced. We are gratified to provide clients our best and the best only.

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